New developments

SHOWME showrooms

DIY showrooms Apps, all is needed is simple setup, if can be managed easily to follow changes.

Simply use the Android EasyStore App to setup up the products, after taking photo and categorizing products, you can do business with EasyStore, you have also set up a showroom for the products.

Put a tablet in your shop, you can attract more customers, especially those who prefer browsing by themselves. Yet you don't have to employ a promoter.

Publish you store to cloud SHOWME showroom, Customer can view your collections, you can set up your main page, your store location on map, product can be searched by category or views on slideshow. It is your own Apps which show your products on SHOWME showrooms.

You can simply send your shop's QRcode and let your customer share your new ideas.

With the basic Apps, you can add more features like lastest attractions, hot items, Customer enquiries, You can add more pages to describe your products. Adding a special Icon, you can put your apps on Play Stores.

Download easyStore [PC connection]

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Android Easy Store

Home, Personal wine , antique collections, Small Shops, Store, show room, sales counter, products can be managed more easily.

Inventory control for small store, simply record the in, out, and tallying transactions, system will look after the rest.

Business can be started right after reading product's barcode, taking photos, recording the quantities.  From time to time check the stock status as recorded in the system against the tallying result can minimize possible error. Cloud service to provide comprehensive reports on store operation and web showroom of the products are available.

Cash register function is provided, receipt by ESC/POS printer are available. Multiple hand sets can be connected to serve as terminals, with receipts printed by the centralized unit. It also serve as terminal of ERP systems.

It serves also as the tallying machine for warehouse that read the barcode and store the quantities of the products.

It also serves as the barcode scanner, text input and voice to text device for PC.


Cloud Software Bank

Walking through the ages from DOS to VM on the cloud, Business Software developed on csiBo technology stay compatible. With years of refining, the business logic of applications in our Software Bank are proven.

They perform even better in the age when Smartphone & Tablet become parts of live,small tools like preERP, personal health record are smartphone accessible.

We put small tools, web showroom,personal record, health care providers management, medical diagnostic, finance, inventory wholesale ands retail, manufacturing, Special industries ERP like textiles and garments, real estate development & management etc. into the software bank.  These traditional management systems now become sAAs that can run smoothly on the cloud.


We have been dealing with manufacturing ERP for decades, we deeply understand operations of manufacturing as well as the functions & short coming of ERP softwares on the market. We come to a conclusion that no matter how successful their implementation of ERP are, in fact most the times they are still irritated by some basic problems. preERP is an alternate solution to safeguard the operation is in good order. It works with ERP system to ensure that the material supply is on schedule, adding to the normal measures, Business Intelligence for risk assessment or crisis control provided by the preERP can help manufacturers to stay competitive, and to avoid unneccessory lost due to mistakes.

all are needed is to upload some files to the cloud, preERP can calculate the material requirement and the shortage for next day's production. Those files required are just simple files that all departments must keep, with or without ERP, in order to protect themselves from making mistakes.

How come if the files don't contain correct information ? This is exactly the essense of prePRP, similar to how the banks audit their accounting in every session of operation. preERP tells you that according to the records some material might be missing, it is the time when the staffs responsible have to check them again.

The practical operation of preERP might be like this: once or twice daily, the executve secretary or staffs from the internal audit department collect reports from departments and upload them to the cloud, if exception occurs, exception information is forwarded to staffs who are requested to respond within a fixed period that the exception is due to incomplete information in reports, material is on transit, or someone is taking action,etc.

The alternate measure of preERP garantee that if ever exception occur, it is known and will be well taking care of. In order to fulfill the function described above, this apperently small tools are in fact full functioned ERP modules, so basing on that, manufacturers can enhence their functionalities according to actual situations.

In order to input the Bill of material, all is needed is a simple text file, this arrangement can help people using low teir ERP package to import their BOM much easier.



Our Mission

Founded on Long term Vision

Our oldest system has been running ever since the age of DOS, here come the modern age of VM on cloud, they are performing even better. We can cope with the smart phone and tablets. We promise always to be the frontier in order to have our customers' satisfaction quaranteed.

Reliable Solution Provider of Leaders of the Industries

Most of our customers are leaders of the industries. Our cooperative combinations allow us to serve better and better. Ideas in the conference room turn out to be the real system next morning is not unusual, while Business Intelligence Development pin pointing specific topics has helped Customers stay competitive and pass through crisis with ease.

Business Starter / SME resource provider

We provide at a very low price a compehensive business Software Suite, and planned to launch a Human Resource Consultation Web site in next quarter. Aimming at to help those business Starters either from local or abroad.

Beneficial Partners of the IT Industries

The newly established Software Bank on the cloud is a collection of proven software, from small tools, showrooms, personal health records, medical Diagnostic information, ERP, real estate development and management etc., We also invite professional partners to help implementing those systems for Customers, we shall be delighted to see our cloud Software could stretch out to some other industries.

technical milestone

Development systems as our own Intellectual properties

We own all intellectual properties of our development system, we provide better solution for database, clients, business logic, equipment interface, Business Intelligence, high performance computing, etc.

csiBo intelligent Business Objects

Development are based on csiBo business Objects, which intelligently handles most of the the development tasks, ordinary people without programming knowledge could development their own forms and deploy to the internet so they are smartphone or tablet accessible in minutes.

Award winning product

a prehistorical csiBo product for PC, a rapid development system received a second class award in the IBM PC age.

Rapid replacement of fadeout system

We cloned system that no longer receive technical support, the functionalities & work flow are well taken care of such that users can transit to the new system without problem.

Fully automatic system maintenance

System can provide data maintenance, data back up automatically, IT staff is longer required.

One stop server combination

csiBo handy Server launched, with a USB finger, PC are ungraded to full function MSU server. Micro Business Units MSU is a server combination that can support appications for traditional software to SAAS operation.

Multi-Application Server

csiBo array Server launched, a single PC can serve multiple MSU, supporting multiple showroom and business operation for companies.

Cloud Application Server

csiBo array Services launched, a single VM can be configured as multiple MSU, supporting companies of various sizes of operation. MSU are automatically configured and managed, optimizing cloud resources further from system level to application level.

Cloud data recovery service

Data mirroring service launched, system employing csiBo technology can have data written to a backup system in time, so if ever the main server hardware fail, the backup can be switched to act as the main, providing uninterruped service. This system can also be employed as a cloud backup for tranditional SQL servers. It writes back up data online to the cloud, allows browsing during the main's down time, and recovers data to the main while it is up again.